Pause for Reflection

This communication unit has allowed myself the opportunity to expand my basic knowledge of communicating in professional environments while also allowing myself to obtain new skills. COMM11033 has allowed myself to understand how essential communicating correctly is. As “communication has never been more important for business professionals” (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, Lewis, 2015, p 27). Understanding […]

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Future Career

“We communicate professionally to achieve objectives” (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, Lewis, 2015, p198) As we communicate we portray messages from one party to another, we convey these messages in the hopes that we will achieve personally objectives, such as employment at our dream job, a raise or a promotion. The hopes for my future career include […]

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Spelling, Grammar and Presentation

When communicating within a business environment it is essential that spelling, grammar and presentation are used appropriately in order for the intended message to be received properly by all parties.         These basic skills are used in everyday life, often in more relaxed atmosphere, however when it a professional setting they must […]

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Report Analysis

This report immediately addresses the rising issue within Australia, EXTINCTION!  It is stated within the opening sentences of the report that “…Australia leads the world on extinction. It has the highest number of mammals declared extinct since the arrival of Europeans, with 29 mammals lost forever.” (Australian Conservation Foundation, 2018,  p3). This information is enough to […]

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Advertisement Commentary

The advertisement that I have chosen to examine is the second advertisement that displays newborn babies laying in the hospital dressed in certain stereotypical and discriminatory clothing suggesting to the public that racism is ever present in society, labelling children from birth based on the colour of their skin. These labels determine the kind of […]

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Hi there, recently my blog posts have focused on Accounting, however the following blog posts will take a more focused role towards communication, particularly communication in professional contexts. Communication plays such an essential role in society therefore, it is important that we know how to communication correctly. Throughout my blog posts, I will be focusing […]

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ASS#2- Step 7-9

Hi everyone, I hope you all went well in your ASS#2- steps 7-9, I know that they are definitely a challenge!! I worked really hard on these steps and I would love it if you guys would read over them and give me any suggestions. I would be happy to return the favour!! Thank you!! […]

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